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Dedicated to survivors of rape and abuse

Who We Are

Welcome to the Survivors Chat Community! We are a site dedicated to survivors of rape, incest and abuse whether sexual, physical, emotional, mental, psychological, verbal, RA or SRA. This is a place where survivors can come together to help each other, support each other, or just pass the time. We are DID-friendly; alters (whether adults or "littles") are welcome here.

Who We Help

You. No matter how, where, when it happened or by whom, we are here to help you. If you have need for this site, we first want to say that we are sorry for whatever circumstances have brought you here, but we are glad you've found us. We are honoured to provide a safe and comforting environment for you to share your feelings and be accepted. At times the hurt may be overwhelming. It may seem neverending. Don't give up, you are not alone. It will be all right. The journey may be long and complicated, but you will reach its end. Congratulations on your first steps toward healing. The links above will guide you through our site. Thank you for joining us!

Remember that you are not alone!

Individuals depicted in the images are models and used solely for illustrative purposes.

Survivors Chat - Working together and moving forward

**If you are in a crisis situation** Please see our resources. You are worthy of help and you deserve another chance. It is not too late.

Note: Survivors Chat is for survivors and their supporters only. Please, no requests for research. We are neither counsellors nor therapists. We are just fellow survivors of abuse and other trauma who are trying to create a safe place here. We encourage everybody to find a professional therapist to talk to in real life. By participating in our site, you acknowledge that we are not therapists, and you will not use this as a substitute for professional advice.