Survivors Chat

Softeners and Self-Care


To help yourself get grounded, read the list below. If you have any ideas to add, please let us know and we can put them here.


Softeners, sometimes called spoilers, are the use of an * in place of selected letters in common triggering words or concepts.

If you are triggered by any word or conversation, it is ultimately your own responsibility to take care of yourself. Clear the screen, leave the room, or even turn off your computer. Self-care is nobody's responsibility but your own. However, we can sometimes work together to be supportive and help each other avoid triggers. Our approach to healing is the emphasis on practicing real world situations in a safe environment.

As such, we absolutely do not require spoilers/softeners. In place of this, here are some ways you can help another survivor's healing experience and be sensitive to their needs:

You may think of some other approaches to this situation as you become more comfortable with your own healing.

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